Noon Service at CTK

For ten plus years we have had the distinct honor of experiencing one of the best worship services of Holy Week: Born For This – A Dramatic Presentation of the Stations of the Cross. This presentation has been directed and produced by Don and Desiree Bowsher. Don and Desiree have asked to take a “break” from presenting this experience this year. So, on Good Friday– April 3, 2015 we will be presenting something different: a worship service entitled Lovelight, A Tenebrae Service by Janet Litherland, produced by special arrangement with contemporary Drama Service, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What is a Tenebrae Service?
Tenebrae is Latin for shadows or darkness. In traditional Tenebrae Service there is a Tenebrae Hearse, a holder for several lit candles. Through scripture and psalms, or “shadow readings,” i.e. The Agony in the Garden, Judas’ Betrayal, Peter’s Denial and so on, were member Christ’s suffering on his journey to the Cross. At the end of each reading a candle is extinguished, slowing diminishing the light within the room. As the light diminishes, the gloomier the room becomes symbolizing the pain and the suffering that lead to Christ’s death. After all light is gone, the room is immersed in darkness, one last scripture is read then a loud crashing sound is created to represent the earthquake that took place when Jesus took his last breath or, in some circles, representing the tomb being closed shut. One lit candle that has been hidden from view is revealed and placed on the highest holder of the hearse to represent the resurrection of Christ. The congregation leaves in silence, contemplating on the suffering that Christ endured for our salvation. If you would like more information on Tenebrae Services, there’s a couple of sources online. Ken Collins website or Catholic Encyclopedia at

Our Good Friday Tenebrae Service at CTK will include most of the components that make up a Tenebrae Service, with a few alterations. There will be no formal veneration of the Cross but the church will remain open for an hour after the service for those that would like to venerate the cross.

What we need:
In order to present this Tenebrae Service to the community we are in need of Readers/Actors, Musicians for a choir, Hospitality Ministers, People to assist in moving chairs before the service and after veneration, and a few people to assist at the Cross during the veneration hour.

If you can help in any way please e-mail the Director Christine Kellar at: or call the office for her cell phone number, as soon as possible.

Christine is a member of our Liturgy Committee and has been a vital part of our Music Ministry for many years. She has graciously agreed to take on this project and is looking forward to offering this wonderful spiritual experience to our parish community. We truly thank her!