Grades 1-8

Thank you for registering your child in their faith formation process. Please complete this form for each child you are registering (Gracias por registrar a su hijo en su proceso de formación de fe. Complete este formulario para cada niño que se esté registrando). This is a 2-year program. (Este es un programa de dos anos.)

Requirements for registration (Requisitos para el registro):
– Birth & baptism certificate
– First Communion certificate if applicable
– Family must be registered at Christ the King or Catholic Parish in Las Vegas
– Past due balances must be paid from previous years

Note: Registration fee included curriculum, necessary materials &/or Retreat. REGISTRATION FEE IS NON-RE-FUNDABLE.

Nota: El pago por la registracion inclueye plan de estudios materiales necesarios &/retiro. EL PAGO NO ES REEMBOLSABLE.

FAITH FORMATION TUITION FEES (matrícula de formación de fe):

One Child: $100
Two children: $170
Three children: $220
*Add $25 for each additional child.

First Communion 2nd year an additional $50 for retreat.

CTK offers continuing Religious Education for those who have received their first communion (3rd grade – 8th grade)

Continuing Religious Education: $50
*Add $25 for each additional child

Class Schedule:

First Communion (2nd year) Elementary: Sunday 9:45 – 11:15 AM. Attend mass at 11:30 AM.

First Communion (2nd year) Middle/High School: Sunday 12:45 PM – 2:00 PM. Attend mass at 11:30.

Continuing Education: Sunday 12:45 PM – 2:00 PM. Attend mass at 11:30.

Please click the “REGISTER” button below to begin the registration process.